The Birth of a Brotherhood

Hunting Camps, Deer Hunting, Potter County, and Motorcycles was the common bond of several young men from the York, Pennsylvania area who decided that they wanted to live life to its fullest. During the winter months these men could not wait for the start of hunting season, and their annual pilgrimage to Potter County, Pa. For the whitetail deer season.

During the summer months these same guys that enjoyed hunting together would mount their Harley-Davidson motorcycles and enjoy riding everywhere and anywhere, some of them were employees of the famous motorcycle manufacture at the York, Pa. Assembly plant. Sometimes they would make a weekend event on their bikes by riding to Potter County to have a few laughs and get away from the warm city temperatures in the southern part of the state.

On the afternoon of July 17, 1987 in Goldsboro, Pa., two of these guys, the ring leaders, Jeff Barshinger and Dennis West sat at the bar owned by West, Luddy’s Seafood, drinking a few cold beers and discussing the fun they had on their last trip to Potter County on the their bikes, when one of them said, we should get all of our friends together and start some kind of a club, little did they know at that moment, but a lot of lives would be touched by those words.

As the next couple of days went by, telephone calls were made to friends, some of which lived in Potter County, asking them if they would like to be part of a group that enjoys riding. Within two weeks a meeting was called, it was held at the Rose Haven Restaurant & Bar in York, Pa., owned by another one of the ring leaders, Jack Markle. As they sat and talked about forming some type of riding group, lots of questions were raised, and ideas were presented for approval of all that smiled thinking about the fun this would be.

It was decide that this group would not be a motorcycle club, but rather it will be and shall always be a fraternity, described, in essence, as a group of men joined together by common interests, beliefs and virtues to preserve the excellence of the fraternity, and of the community in which we live. It was also decided that it shall not be a requirement to own or operate a motorcycle to become a member of this group. But if accepted, you will become a fraternal brother for the rest of your life.

At one of the early meetings, it was decided that the group needed a name. Each member in attendance that night was given a chance to write down a name and submit it for approval by the rest of the group. In the back of the room, one of the members in attendance voiced his opinion of not wanting a weird name that might attract undesirables, said out loud, No Dick Heads Please. After all of the laughter died down, it was unanimous that this fraternal organization shall be known as NDHP, No Dick Heads Please. Yes, a year later this name was chartered with the state of Pennsylvania.

From that Summer afternoon on July 17th 1987 to present, NDHP, a not-for-profit organization, has and will continue to ride, have fun, enjoy the fellowship of brotherhood, and at the same time give aid to and assistance to those of need in our community. More especially, the needs of orphans and homeless children.

Over the years, our three (3) yearly Poker Runs, mainly in the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania have enabled NDHP to give thousands of dollars to those in need, especially the children. While the chartered membership of NDHP is forty (40), we have met so many people who share our Commitment, Joy, and desires to promote Goodwill, and the Love of our Country, as well as the understanding that it all begins with Children.